August 16

Your PR Strategy for High-Dollar Clients

Public Relations is all about raising awareness and creating engagement with the target audience of your business. There are several PR tools but Press Release is the most important one to get noticed by the luxury brand’s audience. 

Why getting press is essential when targeting luxury clients?​

1. Third-Party Credibility: 
Interior designers intuitively understand the power of getting press. There are so many options for marketing and promotions but PR is the ONLY ONE that gives you third-party credibility. 

2. Validation by Big 5 Social Platforms:
 PR not only impactful to attract clients but also is essential to get validated by the Big Five: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Wikipedia. 

3. Earned Media: 
Press is one of the differentiating factors when evaluating designers. It is better than word of mouth because the testimonial comes from a credible source. It is called earned media for a good reason. Not everyone gets it, and that makes you stand out. 

What media designers, architects or remodelers can target?

1. Regional Magazines:
Target the media your ideal client READS. Focus on regional magazines if you want to attract local clients. Regional magazine coverage tends to be most beneficial to attract business. 

2. Media Outlets that Your Client Knows: 
Target the media your ideal client KNOWS – think home design titles like Better Homes & Gardens, House Beautiful etc. 

3. Media Outlets that Your Client Does Not Know: 
Target media your ideal client DOESN’T KNOW. Garner coverage in other outlets, big and small, it all helps establish you as an expert SUCCESSFUL designer.

What to Pitch? 
Think about what would impress your ideal client? Media ‘mentions’ always work!

1. Projects:
These are the most challenging pitches because it takes a very long time to see results but it is absolutely necessary. 

2. Your Story: 
Showcase your business story that your clients can relate to. Media sponsored awards are a great way to get published. 

3. Trends:
Be the trend setter and at the same time stay up-to-date about the latest trends most liked by the luxury clients. 

Tips for an Effective PR Strategy: 

1. Be Proactive: 
You need to be PROACTIVE to get published. Complete your research and reach out to the press channels your clients are reading. 

2. Create a Plan:
List down your PR plan and break it down into achievable goals. 

3. Build PR Budget/Time into Your Marketing:
Track your PR activities on time and money scale. For luxury marketing it is essential to dedicate a portion of your business budget for media and press release. 

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