Sketches and Pixels

41 Quality "In-Market" Leads In the first 60 Days & $750,000 In New Business Generated In The First 12 Months

In 2021, this particular client referenced in the image (in Dallas, Texas) didn’t want people to know they were outsourcing since they built a reputation on a one-stop shop. In 2020, they worked with another marketing agency and one of their issues was their website and they needed to have it redone and that is when they went to Sketches and Pixels to redo it. Once they finished it they recommended using us over the other marketing agency they had and they did. Their problem was growing their online presence effectively and obtaining consistent leads. Before using our services they were receiving subpar marketing assistance that was not growing their online presence and lead volume. Whenever Sketches & Pixels gets remodeling, construction or design clients they recommend us to do their marketing for them. 


Over the course of the first few months their organic traffic grew substantially and their lead volume by grew by  a whopping 925%, bringing in between 35-40 leads a month. After working with us and getting consistent results for one year they were able to grow their company by $750,000.

Sketches and Pixels

Web Development

Short Term Results
Generated 41 quality "In-Market" leads in 60 days

Long Term Results
$750,000 in new business generated in first 12 months

Camille Smith,
Marketing Manager
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41 Quality "In-Market" Leads In 60 Days & $750,000 In New Business In 12 Months

$415,837 In New Business Generated In Six Months (21:1 Return On Investment)

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