Steps By Stepp Remodeling

From uncertainty in the future of the business to 34 "in-Market" leads in the first 60 days and a consistent and predictable pipeline longterm

We started working with Steps By Stepp Design + Remodeling in February 2020, at the start of the pandemic. This was a tough time for remodeling companies that did not have an online presence or a developed online marketing strategy. Marlon was unsure of what to do and felt it was a make or break time for his company. They tried marketing companies in the past that could not produce consistent results for them and they were looking for real help or they were afraid they would have to close their doors.


Since working with our team we have developed a consistent lead generation funnel that gets them 30-40 quality leads a month. From our efforts in the second month of the campaign we generated 34 leads and grew their awareness campaign on social media to achieve 2,247 click thru plays on videos we produced.

After the third month they were able to close three new projects that kept them afloat and allowed them to breathe a little easier during the rough pandemic that was having many businesses close their doors. Now we are consistently generating Steps By Stepp 30-40 quality leads each month, and on average they are closing 20% of these new prospects.

Here is an image of their social media ads results:

Steps By Stepp Remodeling

Home Remodeling

Short Term Results
34 quality "In-Market" leads in the first 60 days

Long Term Results
Currently producing between 30-40 high quality leads per month

Marlon Stepp
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From Uncertainty In The Future Of The Business To 34 "In-Market" Leads In 60 Days

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