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As a home remodeler there are a lot of pieces to the puzzle you have to deal with. A remodel can consist of any room in the house and task may include conceptual designs, material selections, demolition, construction, cleanup among others. As a business owner in the home remodeling world you don’t have the time to focus on doing an excellent job for the home owner while bringing in consistent projects for your company and ensuring your brand and reputation are top-notch. The minute you receive one bad review from a home owner things can all come tumbling down, so you have to stay on top of reputation management among other marketing and business development needs.  

Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions was trained for these types of scenarios. We understand marketing and business development like you understand home remodels. Our expertise is on getting you quality consistent projects while maintaining your reputation and building your brand as a leader in your locale.  You may have one or two marketing personnel in your office but even that may not be enough to handle all the requirements needed to maintain a top-notch reputation and consistently bring in quality projects to your company. We are trained to assist in all your marketing needs and we can work hand and hand with your Director of Marketing to get you the results you need.

Our process includes meeting with you to understand your current marketing so we can help you evaluate what is working and where we can come in to assist and make it better. Then we learn what are your ideal projects look like, so our team can put a marketing strategy together to target those type of leads. We then optimize your website or inbound strategy to focus on conversions, so when prospects enter your pipeline they are better positioned to convert and turn into paying clients. We want a long term relationship with you to help you grow your business, build your brand and dominate your competition. Schedule a strategy session with one of our experts to see how we can best be of service or contact us today to learn how we can take your home remodeling company to the next level. 

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