How to Get Online Reviews for Your Kitchen and Bath Remodel Business

​While running a kitchen and Bath Remodel business, word-of-mouth, testimonials, and referrals play a great role in getting contracts.

We live in an era that religiously relies on online reviews before making the final decision. People trust review sites a lot and that’s why they always come at the top in search results.

Most of the home remodel businesses know the importance of having online reviews for growth but some of them still don’t know how to procure them.

Let’s see how you can earn honest online reviews for your kitchen and bath remodel business:

Tips to Get Online Reviews for your Kitchen and Bath Remodel Business

1. Run an Email Marketing Campaign
An email marketing campaign is the best way of getting reviews for your business. It is a tactic used by several big companies like Nike and Apple. Your email subscribers subscribe to you because they are interested in your business product or service. So, send an email and ask them to leave an online review for your business.

2. Create a Review Page on Your Site
Never compromise on customer service and dedicate a section on your website to online reviews. This will show customers that you value their feedback and are honest in your business. However, if you just say “leave a review” that usually is not enough. You must know what you want to ask your customers. Besides that, make the entire process of leaving a review easy, specific, and quick. All of these factors help your business to get a great review.

3. Offer Incentives on Reviews
Giving people some kind of incentive when they leave a review will help you get more reviews for your business. Offering gifts in the form of discounts, coupons, or free shipping to customers in return for writing a review will encourage them to go for it. You don’t need to go big with the incentives. Just keep the process simple and fun. However, maintain caution while doing this because your customers should not feel like you are bribing them or playing with them to get good reviews. Keep checking how your customers respond to different rewards and gifts that you offer them.

4. Give a Reply to Every Online Review
When people leave an honest online review for your business, they put their image and reputation at risk for the general public and their friends/family who might see that review. So, whenever someone leaves a review on your website, don’t’ forget to turn back to them. Always say thank you and keep your tone kind and professional while replying to your customers.

​5. Post on Your Social Media Platforms
If you run active social media pages to promote your business, you have great chances to earn some reviews from your customers. Post on your social media and request your followers to write a review for your products/services. Once they leave a review, share the best ones on your pages to encourage other followers to do the same.

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