How to Market Your Kitchen and Bath Business on Tik Tok

​Tik Tok is creating a great buzz in the marketing industry for the past few years. This platform is popular for 15 to 60 seconds of user-recorded videos that are edited and integrated using the same app. Having over 1.5 billion downloads, it is the number one downloaded app in the world outperforming both Facebook and Instagram.

Tik Tok is the perfect platform to reach Millennial and Gen Z in a way that most of your Kitchen and Bath remodeling competitors are not doing yet. Even if your targeted audience comes in the older age range, it’s wise to establish your fan base with useful content. This will give you an edge once people of all ages begin joining this platform which is inevitably going to happen.

4 Tips to Market Your Kitchen and Bath Business on Tik Tok

1. Create Your Own Channel and Make VideosEven if your kitchen and bath business is not well-known, you can still make great use of Tik Tok for marketing and building awareness for your brand. The first step to do so is to make your own profile on Tik Tok and start making videos. Create engaging, casual, and fun content regarding your business. Tik Tok is a hub of creative and funny ideas so try to keep your tone casual and playful.

2. Participate in Hashtag ChallengesHashtag challenges are an essential feature of the Tik Tok community. It’s very popular among Tik Tok users to take up challenges and put some hashtags under it to gain the attention of a wider audience. If there’s a trend in your niche about sharing unusual interior designs, participate in the challenge using those specific hashtags and create your own video. This will provide you exposure among people who are interested in interior designing on Tik Tok.

3. Take Benefit of Influencer MarketingLike Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms, you can also take benefit of influencer marketing on Tik Tok. As a kitchen and bath remodel business, you can approach relevant Tik Tok influencers having a certain number of followers and ask them to promote your business among their audience.

Make sure to choose the influencers who work within your niche and whose personalities match the values of your business. You can ask those influencers to mention your business name in their videos, post about your business in the description, or link your business website in the video description.

4. Advertise on the Platform

Tik Tok is also moving towards monetized ads where brands can pay the platform to show their ads to the users. These ads appear in the user feed before they are able to see any other video content. You can also pay to sponsor a hashtag challenge and put a custom banner across the Discover page. When users tap on this hashtag, they will be able to see all the videos that your team has made under that hashtag explaining and demonstrating the challenge while promoting your business.

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