How to Target Facebook Ads to Your Interior Design and Home Remodeling Audience

Social media marketing and digital advertising have become inevitable for any business in the world. The interior design and remodeling industry has also become a leading benefactor of these online marketing tools. Facebook ads are one of the key advertising resources used by various companies these days. Using proper targeting techniques helps make your FB ads more effective and cost-efficient. As a consequence, you get better returns on investments and increase your overall profitability.
To help you improve your social media marketing efforts we have some tips on how to target Facebook ads to your audience in the interior design and remodeling space.

Specify the Target Market Carefully

In the process of setting up a Facebook ad for your interior design and home remodeling business, the website will require you to enter the age, location, and gender of the target market first. To enhance the effectiveness of your advertisement, categorize your target demographics and design ads for specific segments. Do not target all your ads to the same segments. Narrow down your audience and target specific ads to specific segments. Making your ads for a broad clientele increases your chances of failure to reach out to the right people. Trying to market to everyone, ultimately means you are marketing to no one.

Target Your Audience with Interests

To improve your targeting efforts, narrow down your audience by clearly identifying and setting their specific interests. Focus on the segment you are trying to reach and list their interests. Go to the ad setting on the Facebook website and click on the interest’s section. Enter interest that you have identified and a list of options will appear. This will provide you good evidence about how many people are searching for that interest on Facebook. Instead of selecting one interest go for an intersection of multiple options.

Target People Searching For Your Interior Design Services or Products

Facebook is a useful tool that can tell businesses about the purchasing activities of its users. Using its tech-driven innovative features, look out for ideal clients who are searching for interior design and remodeling services or ideas. You can select and instantaneously target them. Go to Facebook Ads and select the behaviors tab. Type in the product or service you want to highlight like modern furniture. This will help you reach out to anyone searching for modern furniture on Facebook.

Target People Based on Relationship Status

Another key aspect that is common to both interior design and Facebook usage is relationship status. Users who are single lookout for different homes and interior design services as compared with those who are married or have families. This allows you to target different types of relationship status with different ads and enhance the effectiveness of these ads. Just search for the relationship status in demographics and get results with numbers. The key is to design your Facebook ads specifically for each segment of the target market rather than using the same ad for a broad clientele. 

These are just a few tips on advertising your business through Facebook Ads. For additional information on using Facebook and other social media platforms in marketing and promoting your business visit our pay-per-click tips page or social media marketing tips page. Also take a look at our resource library for additional marketing tips. If you want to  speak with one of our professionals contact us or schedule a strategy session so we can help you grow your business. 

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