How to Use Pinterest for Your Interior Design or Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Business

In previous decades, when people wanted to do interior design or kitchen and bath remodeling, they used to collect magazines related to interior design to get renovation ideas.

But now, the entire game has changed for designers and remodelers as well as for prospects. Pinterest is a great platform where many interior designers and remodeling companies share valuable ideas and beautiful pictures of their projects to get the attention of their potential clients.

These days, whenever potential clients want to hire designers or remodelers for their kitchen and bath remodeling projects, they start gathering ideas, photos, and information from Pinterest.

Here is how you can make use of Pinterest for your interior design or kitchen and bath remodeling business:

5 Ways to Use Pinterest for Your Design or Remodeling Business
1. Set up a Pinterest Business Account

First of all, if you are planning to use Pinterest for business purposes, go for a Pinterest Business Account. Use your business name while signing up and then add all the important information related to your business on your profile. Use a captivating profile picture or your business logo of 165 x 165 pixels to attract people. 
2. Create a lot of Tutorials and DIY Videos

Pinterest is all about pictures and videos. So, if you want to attract potential clients, you’ll have to generate content accordingly. Create a series of DIY projects, tutorials, or videos of clients using your services.

Once you have made the content, pin it on your Pinterest board by making use of the right keywords. Choosing the right keywords is necessary because it provides exposure to your business account.
3. Pin Your Content Consistently

Pinterest recommends you pin something at least once a day. Instead of filling your Pinterest board all at once, it is more effective to pin your content on a day-to-day or regular basis to target a wider audience.

Also, while pinning your content, make sure you are providing value to your audience. If that is not the case, you will have a hard time getting results on Pinterest.
4. Do not Neglect Pinterest SEO

Remember, like any other social media platform, Pinterest also has some rules or SEO strategies to ensure that a maximum number of people are watching your content or saving your pins.

For this purpose, research some widely used keywords on Pinterest related to your niche and make a list. Create a separate board for all your services and use keywords in them. While you are pinning the content, follow SEO best practices to generate the desired outcome.
5. Consider Running Ads on Pinterest

Pinterest also provides you an option to run ads around specific keywords, locations, ages, interests, and other demographics of your audience.

Just choose the right metrics for running ads and Pinterest will come up with like-minded pinners for you. This can also lead to gaining prospects who are interested in your services. So, plan carefully before running any ad campaign on Pinterest and keep in mind the results you want to obtain. 

These are just some of the marketing tips you can use on the Pinterest platform. We will be sharing additional tips so stay tuned as we update our digital marketing tips on a weekly basis. We also have a number of trainings, webinars and other assets in our resource library to help you grow. If you want to talk with one of our experts to see how we can help you grow your business give us a call or schedule a strategy session to see how we can assist.

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