NKBA Design Trends 2021 Report Overview and Takeaways

Gone are the days when kitchens and bathrooms were not given any love when considering home decor and interior design. The practicality attached to these areas and the “staying home” experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has enhanced the need to decorate, renovate and remodel these spaces for comfort, convenience, and style.

Although they are not always the primary places to entertain people, they are very important in our lives. With this changed reality, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) developed a 2021 Design Trends which you can download and view on this page. Below we have summarized some of the highlights from this report to share the top kitchen and bath design trends for 2021.

Download NKBA 2021 Design Trends Report

Minimalistic Approach

As we all spent more time in our homes, the idea of decluttering became increasingly popular. People today want to have spaces that are simple, compact, and minimalistic. The decluttering phenomenon has become a key consideration when designing kitchens and bathrooms. A clutter-free environment helps make our movements easier, flexible, and much more efficient. It improves the functionality of the entire space.

Increased Storage

With lockdown scenarios prevailing during this time, we need to stock up on the essentials in our kitchens as well as in the bathrooms. As a design trend, you need to incorporate more smart storage spaces in both these areas. Increased storage is also needed to keep your spaces decluttered and compact. Open cabinets and shelves are being replaced with wall-to-wall cabinetry which is stylish as well as functional. They are ideal to stock up on groceries and toiletries.

Easy to Clean Surfaces

As more and more emphasis is given to cleanliness and sanitization by health care experts, home owners are asking for along with designers are recommending that materials and surfaces are easy to maintain and clean. You need to design your kitchens and bathrooms with materials that are organic and non-hazardous to the environment. The use of tiles and metallic surfaces is on the rise. It is easily cleaned and wiped and is durable to withstand the impact of the cleaning agents and sanitizers.

Calm and Relaxed Tones

Colors and tones have a strong impact on our moods and emotions. Kitchens and bathrooms are places to relax and find comfort. As you spend lots of time in these areas, you need to use colors that are neutral, relaxing, and calm. Greys, fawns, whites, and beiges are safe colors and exhibit a rising preference in the design trends of 2021. Matte and pastels or contrasting cabinets can make your kitchens and bathrooms more attractive to occupants.

Smart Gadgets and Features

As we live in a digital era, technology is everywhere. 2021 kitchen and bathroom design trends showcase an increased inclination towards the use of smart appliances and integrated devices in the home. Apps that make your homes more energy-efficient, organized, and safe are rising in demand by clients. Energy-saving electronics, safety mechanisms, motion sensor lights, hands-free faucets, charging stations, self-closing toilet lids, smart mirrors, bidets, and emergency power backups are some of the more popular smart gadgets of the modern homes of today. 

These are just some of the trends listed in the report. Download the report on this page to learn more and read all the research the NKBA uncovered in this industry report. For additional information visit our Digital Marketing Guides and Resource Library for more. Should you have any questions or want to speak with our experts give us a call or schedule a strategy session to learn how we can help you grow. 

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