5 Critical Elements to Creating an Awesome Interior Design or Remodeling Website

Every time a new visitor lands on your homepage, the way he/she interacts with your site can make or break the entire reputation of your business. Providing a smooth user experience to your users is an important ranking factor for search engines. The design of your interior design or remodeling website can affect the user experience in a variety of ways. So, it is important to create a website with a clean, simple, and easy-to-use navigational structure to make browsing easier for your users.

There are several things that you should keep in mind while building an online website for your interior design or remodeling business. Let’s discuss the major ones below:

Important Factors to Consider for Building a Business Website

1. Choose the Right Colors and Font

The colors you choose to represent your brand define the kind of services you are selling. So, make sure to use professional colors for your website. Follow a theme and keep every page of your site synchronized with that theme. Parallel to that, choose a clear and readable font that can catch the attention of users in seconds when they land on your site.

2. Go for Intuitive Navigation

The navigational structure of your website should be designed in a way that even a primary school kid can understand how to browse your site. Remember, it only takes 0.05 seconds for visitors to decide whether they want to stick around your website or not. When you complicate the process of finding information on your site, it ruins the user experience and visitors bounce back within seconds.

3. Use High-Quality & Copyright Free Images

Never copy an image from another source to use on your site. This is not only bad for user experience but also harms your reputation in the eyes of Google. Always choose copyright-free and royalty-free images having high quality. Visuals hold the power to get the attention of visitors so try to make the best use of the images you are selecting for your site.

4. Maintain Proper White Space

White space is a term that refers to the empty space on your site. This empty space acts as a buffer between different elements present on your site like sidebars, margins, and different categories. Purposely design your website by keeping plenty of empty spaces to make all the pages look clean and organized.

5. Don’t Add Unnecessary Features & Tools

All the things present on your site should have room to breathe. There is no need to add fancy features and plugins if they are not needed. If your website looks crowded with a lot of unnecessary functionality, it gets difficult for a user to maintain their attention on your site.

Adopt a minimalistic style for your website design and keep everything simple so that the users can easily navigate their way around different pages while searching for your services. 

Using these elements will make your website more user friendly. Check out our article on optimizing your website for the search engines, where we lay out strategies to get your interior design or kitchen and bath remodel site ranking on the search engines. If you require more assistance then listed in the resource library give our team a call or schedule a strategy session to see how Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions can be of service

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