How to Build an Email List for Interior Design and Remodeling Businesses

Email marketing, if done correctly, is one of the most powerful ways to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals along the way. As a small interior design and remodeling business, one of your best assets is a sales-generating email list.

Although a healthy email list is a great source to advertise your products/ services and maintain a bond of trust with your customers, it is often a challenge to build one. If you are starting from zero and have no idea how to grow your business through an email list, here are some highly useful tips for you. Have a look:

5 Ways to Build an Email List for Interior Design & Remodeling Businesses

1. Find a Good Email List Provider

Before you start your efforts for building an email list, get an email service provider that can help you to manage the entire process smoothly. Email Tool Tester did a great comparison between the top email providers today. Take a look at your current situation along with the list of tools available to determine the best option for your business.
2. Build an Opt-in Form on Your Site

There are few better uses for your site than to collect the emails of your prospects. For this purpose, you can build an opt-in form on your site – preferably in the middle or at the bottom of your home page.

When you are providing value on your site, your visitors never hesitate to leave their email addresses in this form. This provides you an opportunity to collect the email id of your audience and then get in touch with them by sending introductory emails about your business.

3. Offer Incentives or Discounts on Sign Up

If you want your website visitors to sign up and leave their email addresses, you will have to make this process exciting and interesting for them. The best way to make your sign up offer lucrative is to offer a discount, limited time offer, free guide, or some other incentive. This list-growth practice works big time and helps you build a high-converting email directory.

4. Use the Power of a Landing Page

A landing page is one of the most popular ways to collect email addresses of your audience outside of the homepage of your site. While you are working on getting targeted traffic, instead of sending them to the homepage, you can direct them to a landing page built specifically for this purpose. Make sure your landing page is meeting the specific needs of your audience by offering accurate information and interesting visuals. To learn more about building a effective landing page look at our article on How to Create a Landing Page that Converts.

5. Provide Value in Your CTA

People who visit your website or social media profile usually look for something personalized so that they can relate to the information. If you are adding the same Call-to-Action (CTA) on each landing page, you’ll experience a low email submission rate. In order to engage people and encourage them to take an action, make your CTA’s attractive. Follow a theme and create quality content to get the attention of your potential clients. 

These email marketing tips will help get your email campaigns started. If you want to learn to be a more effective email marketer check out our post on, How to Send Marketing Emails Like A Pro. This article gives you more insight on getting people to open your emails and engage with your content. Email marketing is a very cost-effective form of marketing and the team at Kitchen & Bath Marketing Solutions is here to help if you have any questions. Feel free to reach out to one of our account managers to get your questions answered or schedule a strategy session to see how we can be of service. 

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